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6 Immune-Boosting Ingredients Every Pantry Craves (Plus: Onda’s Fav Innate Immuni-tea Recipe)

A strong immune system requires a balanced one. When our bodies are chronically inflamed, the immune system is too stressed to work efficiently. Lucky for us, anti-inflammatory foods can be some of the most common ones found in our pantries, containing the...

CBD-Infused Pomegranate Margaritas

Whether watching the Big Game or enjoying a leisurely Sunday, celebrate your day with an Onda-infused, antioxidant-rich pomegranate margarita! This winter spin on a classic will not only impress your friends but may also leave your head feeling less achy come Monday morning, as reports...

CBD-Infused Blackberry Shrub Bubbly

Looking forward to some tasty beverages this summer? Whether you’re indulging in a bubbly glass of champagne, a delicious red vino, or enjoying a simple gin and tonic (or two), don’t forget to stock your bar with an Onda Whole Hemp™ CBD tincture.

Spiced Goji Berry Immunity Tea

Guest Recipe by Vivian Ho The Hemp Immunity Infusion has made its way into many creative beverages since launching. One of our favorites is from our friend Vivian Ho. Vivian is a world-traveling chef who is now at home...

Valentine’s Day Libido-Boosting Dark Chocolate Bark

In search of a delicious, libido-boosting recipe to gift your Valentine this year? We've got you covered! You can make this homemade chocolate with just a handful of essential ingredients – virgin coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao...

5 Creative Ways to Use Onda This Holiday Season

In the spirit of what the holidays are really all about, we have gathered our top favorite ways to make this season joyful, nourishing, and healing.

Onda CBD Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

This year, make whole hemp nutrition a family affair. We all know CBD is perfect for long TSA lines, staying around for long periods with our in-laws, and dealing with the flurry of Black Friday. But did you know Whole Hemp CBD goes beyond its well-known, active ingredient?

Autumn-Inspired Whole Hemp CBD Recipes

Turn your culinary adventures up a notch by exploring with Onda's Whole Hemp Infusions. Our hemp is heated and infused into organic, coconut-derived MCT Oil, making this CBD tincture the perfect ingredient for a variety of confections, soups, beverages, and dressings.

Onda Eats: Summertime Herb Salad with CBD-Infused Berry Vinaigrette

With an MCT oil carrier, the sky’s the limit on what you can create using our full spectrum CBD tinctures and capsules. With summer approaching quickly, we are especially excited to combine our oils with various fresh herbs and fruits that are...

CBD Cocktails & ONDA

ONDA MCT TIncture CBD Cocktails Bar
  How to Eat Your Drink   It may feel like yesterday, but it has already been two weeks since Family Supper Plank: Whole Food + Whole Plant Dinner. One of the highlights of the evening? New friend and inspiration Matthew Biancaniello, of Eat Your Drink, came to shake...