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Jonnah Perkins: The Body As A Regenerative Ecosystem

The story of a holistic approach to whole plant medicines and lifestyle from the perspective of a farmer and athlete. Guest post by Jonnah Mellenthin Perkins When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find...

The Boulderista Podcast Interview with Onda Co-Founder, Annie Sicard

Every morning I look out at those mountains and say to myself, ‘this is why you’re here. really, really don’t forget. Pay attention. Be aware. Stay awake to the beauty that is all around you.’

Renew. Revive. Regenerate. Sound Performance by Shiva

What is it about music that moves our bodies, moods, and emotions? Taking us from one state of mind to the next. One motion to another. For sound healers, music producers, dancers and everyone in between, music is a medicine for both...

Onda Effects: Sara Krish of Cancer Warrior Foundation

ONDA Effects Interview Sara Krish
When we enter a portion of our lives when situations feel heavy or bleak, having a conduit, guide, or light source to help navigate alongside you is paramount in the recovery and healing of one's life traumas. Sara Krish, a cancer survivor,...

Creator of Onda x Libido Femme: Dr. Janine Mahon

Earlier this year, we met an exceptional Chinese herbal practitioner at a local cannabis dinner party in Los Angeles. One thing led to another, and we joined forces to create Libido Femme, our first feminine product in the Onda CBD wellness line that we are truly excited about.

Onda Effects: Interview with Monica Lo

portrait by Heather Tafolla, @heathertafolla This week on Onda Community Interviews, we sat with Monica Lo, creator of the award-winning cannabis blog, Sous Weed, to about Monica's deeper passions and how they shape her career today. Monica is...

CBD Effects

ONDA Community Interview with Surfboard Shaper Josiah Morris Earlier this month I had the pleasure of sitting down with surfboard builder Josiah Morris of Morin Surfboards to talk family, surf, true love and...

CBD Effects: ONDA Community Interview

ONDA Community Member Diana Andrews
Diana Andrew of Food Forests of the World We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our ONDA community members, Diana Andrew, to talk about her new nonprofit, Food Forests of the...

Jessica Ilalaole of Cobra Cult

Jessica Ilalaole Cobra Cult Jewelry
Jessica Ilalaole of Cobra Cult Jewelry discusses how ONDA CBD has helped her through the daily struggles of sole entrepreneurship.

Farm + Flower: A Whole Food CBD-Dinner; Interview with Onda Founder Stephen Smith

It’s a whole cultural shift in our thought process. You’re paying for your health. You’re investing in your health when you eat good food, when you support good farmers and ranchers, and you’re doing the same when you use high-quality cannabis medicine.

Cyclist’s Menu

Zander Ault of The Cyclist's Menu ONDA CBD
Interview with Zander Ault Buena ONDA family! I'm so excited to introduce you to Zander Ault of The Cyclist's Menu. Zander is a cyclist and a chef with an affinity for bringing people...

Oregon Hatter & Farmer Cate Havstad

Cate Havstad Oregon Hat Maker Farmer
Buen ONDAS! ONDA Flow with Hat Maker and Farmer Cate Havstad LET'S. TALK. ABOUT. THIS. WOMAN. If you don’t have a crush on her, then you’re not paying attention. Cate’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in everything she engages in. From her totally custom-hat making business, which she...

CBD Wellness: A Winemaker’s Perspective

CBD Lifestyles
Another Arrow for the Quiver There is nothing cultish, kool-aid or proselytize about this man, but somewhere in his demeanor, the subtlety of how he carries himself, the way he shares his wines like his experiences, there is something that lends to a quiet wishing....