Every morning I look out at those mountains and say to myself, ‘this is why you’re here. really, really don’t forget. Pay attention. Be aware. Stay awake to the beauty that is all around you.’

Annie Sicard Co-Founder ONDA Wellness

Here is an incredibly beautiful chance of learning the story of Annie Sicard, Onda Wellness’ co-founder and COO.

Annie Sicard’s story begins with a desire to swap out her cookie-cutter lifestyle in Missouri for a more conscious version of the American dream in Boulder, Colorado. She was an early pioneer in the thriving edibles business when medical marijuana was first legalized in Colorado, 2012. As the chief operating officer of Onda Wellness, a company that produces CBD products without unnecessary additives while maintaining whole plant integrity, her incredible success in spite of the devastating loss she’s endured.

Today, she is raising the bar of the CBD industry with her sustainable business practices by educating and empowering the consumer and creating relationships with hemp farmers that share the integrity of her vision. Her love for the planet and humanity alike drives her to lead hemp growers towards Biodynamic farming practices to provide transparency, ethics and the highest quality product as an industry standard.

The Boulderista, hosted by Sherrie Figueroa, is a conversational podcast that shines a spotlight on the amazing feats and flavors that Boulder’s local rock stars bring to this great community. Thank you, Sherrie, for having Annie as your guest. To hear more interviews, visit theboulderista.com.