Feeling Paws Over Traditional Drugs for Dogs and Cats? Check out ONDA Wellness CBD for Pets!

CBD For Pets


What is ONDA Pets?

After decades of mixed feelings about “drugging” our dogs, ONDA has appeared with a remedy we have been waiting for. With only six degrees of separation, most of you are also probably a friend of the friend whose dog got into their mushrooms and came back from the vets wide eyed and blue lipped. Was it a shih tzu? Maltipoo? Something fecal. Yes she is fine. No she has never really been the same. Anyways… On the other end of the doggy drug story spectrum: We are here for the folks who don’t want to force a mind altering experience on the family favorite! CBD for our pets is an incredible, plant based alternative to many traditional supplements and medicines we try to sneak into our furry friends.


ONDA CBD PetsSometimes old dogs need new tricks.

We are thinking of our companions who have spent years jumping in and out of our vehicles, chasing our bikes, and ceaselessly trying to coral the sticks, balls and frisbees we keep allowing to escape from our grasp. Combined with all the luxuries our senior friends deserve, ONDA Pets can help your pooch find relief from temporary inflammation, take the edge off of stiff joints, and find deep, restorative rest so they can wake up wagging.


General Wellness

CBD For Pets Remedies

ONDA CBD for Pets isn’t just for our friends who need help with the edge of age. Even a young buck can go too hard in a day. Our pet CBD can help with easing exercise related pain and inflammation, settle a stomach to increase appetite, suppress nausea, and has been shown to be a more powerful antioxidant than vitamins C and E.


CBD for pets vehicle anxietyTraveling with ONDA Pets

No questions asked, this is going in my sisters stocking…like, tomorrow. Her poor pup can’t spend 15 minutes in the truck without having what I will call, an explosive exhibition of vehicle related anxiety. I won’t go into details, but, an anxious pet in a car can change the trip in a hurry. Use ONDA Pets before road trips, whether you’re on your way to the desert or just down the road to Lucky’s and keep that pup happy.


Pero, don’t let me exclude our Gato family members.CBD and Cats

There are cats out there that can travel with the best of us. My grandmother had a cat who would camp all summer with her and four kids. Fritz was awesome in camp, but the road there was the hardest part. Driving with kitties or just living with a frantic feline can be taxing for everyone. Use ONDA Pets to work on calmer transitions. Maybe eventually it can lead to enjoyment or even excitement!


The best part?!

If Drug is a dirty word in your home, rest assured with ONDA you can give your pet all the benefits this plant has to offer without sending them into an altered mental state. It’s the rare bird that really sets out to mentally alter their pet – unless you work a 9-5, have a blue heeler x border collie at home eating your couch. Then you may have similar feelings about your dog as my neighbor had about her fourth son Charlie. That woman didn’t bat a lash at getting a prescription for that little dick. He was also eating the couch. Personal opinion about working dogs living in apartments aside, Charlie should have been sent to the ranch.


Why ONDA for your furry friends?ONDA CBD for Pets


It’s the SAME exact quality as what we are taking ourselves. Personally I tend to be of the opinion, that if I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking it, why would I feel ok about giving it to my best friend? Please exclude from the conversation the obvious exceptions being 1. What my dog wants to roll in and 2. The, to speak delicately of an indelicate matter, previously digested items he may encounter and choose to ingest. He doesn’t need to be discerning, I can handle that for the both of us.