What is it about music that moves our bodies, moods, and emotions? Taking us from one state of mind to the next. One motion to another. For sound healers, music producers, dancers and everyone in between, music is a medicine for both the body and the mind. Music is what connects the physical to the spiritual. It heals.

I believe no other art form has the ability to shift our emotions and consciousness faster than sound.


Music Spotlight: Shiva

What is the spark of inspiration that ignited your journey into music production and performance?

I always knew I wanted to play with sound. Ever since I was a little girl. It has always felt like a deep calling. I started playing piano as a young kid. From there I started making beats in Garage Band, and my love for music production is what led me to learn how to DJ and perform.

Your music and Onda have similar missions in that we both seek to facilitate healing through the natural world- in our cases, sound and plant medicine. What is your philosophy in the healing abilities of sound and music? Dance? How do you think Whole Hemp CBD plays into this?

I believe no other art form has the ability to shift our emotions and consciousness faster than sound. Sound is pure vibration, which is felt rather than seen. Plant medicines have been used alongside sound for healing in indigenous cultures and shamanic rituals for centuries. 

Plants and Sound are truly our oldest most powerful medicines.


What is your favorite way to consume Onda? How does it help you personally?

I’m truly in love with all things Onda but the 25 mg capsules have been a game-changer for me. It has helped me greatly with my period cramp pain and inflammation. On top of that, I’ve been able to tap into a greater sense of ease and alignment and dive much deeper into my meditations.

I love the MCT 600 mg and 3,000 mg tinctures for when I want a smaller microdose on a day to day basis.

And I’ve been loving using the Libido Femme every day as well. It smells divine.

What are you most excited about with the upcoming November Onda Ojai retreat?

I’m excited to combine my sounds in ritual with Onda. Dancing is truly meditation in motion, and Onda deepens that sense of ease and calm. I can’t wait to offer our medicines together in this high vibrational space with some beautiful people.

Onda Ojai California Weekend Whole Plant CBD Medicine Retreat

Known as a haven of health and serenity, Ojai is the perfect landscape for a health-centered weekend getaway. With a little help from Onda’s Whole Hemp CBD and our retreat partners, we invite you to unwind, reconnect with nature, and explore the depths of self and what it means to heal from within.

Enjoy yoga sessions led by Serge of Light and Space Yoga, Friday night tunes provided by Shiva, an educational juice session with Scott Walker of Juice Ranch, and learn about Whole Hemp CBD and Regenerative Farming from our Founders, Stephen and Annie.

This early November retreat is approaching fast! Space is very limited. Contact our event coordinator alexa@getgurud.com to book your stay with Onda.