When we enter a portion of our lives when situations feel heavy or bleak, having a conduit, guide, or light source to help navigate alongside you is paramount in the recovery and healing of one’s life traumas. Sara Krish, a cancer survivor, spiritual teacher, leader, and speaker, breaks down her challenges and shares with us how she goes above and beyond to spread the message and practicalities of spirituality, meditation, and plant medicine.

Sara is a close colleague of Onda and has decided to team up with us on a few upcoming events and collaborations. We like to think to have an interview with Sara will help our audiences better understand the faces and journeys behind this tiny team!

Who or what was your first spark of inspiration in early life?

Growing up in Michigan I lived on an acre of land with a big red barn that my parents converted into a classroom for my brother and I. My dad held various roles in the public school system allowing us access to anything we could dream of from wall mounted chalkboards to old desks to grade books and an endless amount of supplies. Our makeshift school was magical. Most nights my brother and I would play out there until our parents called the barn phone to come inside. Friends always wanted to play school when they visited. I smile so big recalling the imagination that we put into our classroom – the bad students and calls home to parents, the stuffed teddy bear in the front row, the bike rides around the yard to pick up the other kids, the handwriting lessons, the report cards… 
The magic we were creating inside these years of pretending certainly sparked my internal flame and opened me up to see beyond what is directly in front of me.

With practice and strengthening of my spiritual muscle came a desire to serve more women, to expand beyond my cancer community and support deep healing and transformation in all women.

What inspires and lights you up the most today?

I have chosen a role as Spiritual Trainer which allows me an abundance of beautiful opportunities to connect deeply with women yearning for guidance, healing, and transformation. Inside this work, I’d say bearing witness to a women’s awakening of her magnificent power and potential is by far the most heart-filling of moments – watching her, feeling her unfold as we pull back the layers, release protective armor, and let go of that which no longer serves.

I cherish the gift of holding a front-row seat to a woman’s rise.

When I look at you I see a powerhouse of a woman and light. For those of us who do not yet know you, can you explain what you do for your communities?

I began connecting in this deeper way to my South Bay community in 2014 following a cervical cancer diagnosis at 30 years old. Physically my body held its strength and mended quickly after months filled with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. But spiritually I felt dim and heavily weighted with aloneness, fear, and uncertainty about the days ahead. 
Motivated by a yearning to heal my soul and share my light once again, I designed a yoga party rooted in messages like “Get Lit!”, “Warrior”, and “Shine On!”. 78 people came to my first Get Lit! Yoga Party on the Redondo Pier and that response was just the thing I needed to jumpstart my life post-cancer. I felt connected. I felt held. I felt the healing power of service. The GLYP continued monthly for four years.

Inside this chapter of community connection, I was called to create the Cancer Warrior Foundation. Every yoga party provided me with a platform to openly share my darkness with cancer and the tools I gained for deep healing. The sharing of my story began to pull in women on a similar journey and I felt called to serve them in a soulful way. In 2015 I established CWF with a mission of empowering young women with cancer to live a life that sets their soul on fire. Today there are over 130 members from across the US and Canada receiving spiritual guidance, meditation, yoga, workshops, and healing immersions in support of their rise at no cost to them.

With practice and strengthening of my spiritual muscle came a desire to serve more women, to expand beyond my cancer community and support deep healing and transformation in all women. In 2017 I launched my Spiritual Training business offering individual and corporate programs as well as meditation gatherings for my community. I also began building my online community utilizing Instagram Stories as a platform for my teachings and relevant storytelling.

We are in a world of humans living heavily under the influence – trauma, ancestors, social media, outdated rules, stories, etc. My chosen role is to serve as a guide and lighthouse as women make their way back home to their truth, their heart wisdom, their wholeness while feeling safe in the letting go of that which no longer serves their highest potential.

You guide women through meditations that, according to testimony, transform their lives for the better. What do you recommend to women in need of healing who are unable to attend your meditations?

My always and forever offering to someone feeling caught up in their Monkey Mind or inside experience of uneasiness is to make a physical connection with the heart–

Placing the left palm on top of the heart, feeling it beat, noticing a rhythm, visualizing the colors, and simply having a moment with this magnificent vessel that serves as our life force can quickly shift the internal state from dis-ease to calm. The deep healing and major life shifts lie in the practice of redirecting our attention from the fear-filled Monkey Mind to the pure love-led wisdom of the heart. When we allow our hearts to serve as our compass we experience a life in alignment with our truth which gifts us with joy and peace and neutrality. However, when we invite the Monkey Mind to the driver’s seat, we are limited in perspective, confined by the past, and guided by fear. We, in turn, live heavy with an overwhelming sense of disempowerment and hopelessness. 

So go be with your heart. Love her. Listen to her. Honor her. She knows what ignites your fire!

What about Onda Wellness perked your interest enough to agree to collaborate together?

I was introduced to Onda Wellness last year at the Echo Park Craft Fair. I had put my intention out to the Universe to connect with someone who could offer CBD support and education to the women of my foundation. I was finding myself in conversation often about the healing benefits of hemp for cancer patients and I wanted to learn more. My initial connection with Onda founders, Stephen and Annie, felt mutually rich with gratitude. They wanted to learn firsthand the healing impact their plant medicine could have on cancer patients and I needed their warmth and wisdom to help my Warriors feel safe and empowered in trying a new way.

Over these last 9 months, the Onda team and I have come together on many occasions to dream, to run workshops, and to collaborate on initiatives that support our shared visions of providing tools for individuals to find their flow – that fluid, expansive experience of freedom…to be, to do, to create.

What is your favorite Onda product, and why you use Onda CBD?

After Stephen led my Warriors and me through an educational workshop about CBD and Onda’s conscious practices, I began incorporating the 25 mg capsule into my morning routine paired with 25 mg of the 600 mg tincture midday to support my flow. I have since noticed a beautiful rise in my body – the daily feels, my overall experience and interactions, the openness inside my intuitive work, the calm, the clarity. And I carry this incredible comfort knowing that I am nourishing myself wholly and purely with Onda’s Whole Hemp CBD. 

What is the greatest mantra, motto, or proverb that you live by?

Do all the things that set your heart on fire!

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Sara Krish is a Spiritual Trainer offering her clients a powerful combination of spirit-led guidance and tools for transformation. Sara recently launched FLYBUDDHA, a lifestyle brand in Los Angeles offering tools and experiences to support spiritual growth and expansion. Try out a variety of workshops currently being held at Unita.

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