Coconut CBD Capsules: The Where, When, and How Much.

One of the biggest questions we get at ONDA is


“How much should I take?” 

Legally, we can’t directly answer this question. Also consuming raw and undercooked fish/meat/eggs can make you sick. Now that our bases are covered, let’s explore what makes the coconut capsules so great for the first time, and experienced, CBD user.

ONDA CBD Capsules Coconut

The Basics Behind the Capsules

At ONDA, our CBD is organically grown and produced in the USA. We are big believers that the naturally occurring constituents of the hemp plant exist together for a reason. Think of the difference between eating an orange versus an Emergen-C packet. In maintaining the whole plant integrity we produce the most bio-available product possible. Essentially, we infuse certified organic coconut oil with our whole plant CBD. The result is a nutrient rich, CBD dense, oil. From here is portioned off into 10, 25, and 50 mg vegan CBD Capsules. (Read more about our patented lipid extraction process). 

CBD Capsules Coconut

How Much Should You Take Then…

Well, it’s really best practice to steer clear of “should” phrases, and particularly because our federal government absolutely puts the kibosh on anything that resembles prescriptive language, this is a difficult question to answer. However, here are some ways to tryout ONDA’s CBD Capsules and see how it works for you:

1. experiment

Start out with a 10 mg on an empty stomach. This can give you a sense of what our lowest dose will feel like in your own body. Because every person’s endocannabinoid system is a little different, it is smart to conduct your own discovery mission. The same way some people can eat chocolate before bedtime and others can’t even smell it without rearranging the furniture just to burn off some steam, CBD can produce different effects in different bodies. Get a sense of what 10 mg feels like and work your way up from there.

Feel the CBD Flow

2. exercise

Take a 25 mg capsule and take a run. If you’re already a runner that is. You could also swim, ride your bike, walk, any sort of physical exercise that is normal to your existing routine. 50 mg can be a great way to feel how CBD helps with your recovery and affects your ability to drop into flow state.

CBD and Exercise

3. explore

If you have trouble sleeping, try 50-100 mg before bedtime. Several studies have been conducted showing the effectiveness of CBD for people who suffer from insomnia and sleeplessness. With relaxing properties and the ability to buff out our anxious edges, CBD can be a wonderful ally in coming down after a long day of work or finding rest on a long flight. 

The Takeaway:

Use these three examples as a jumping off point for your own exploration with ONDA’s patented Full Spectrum CBD Capsules. Mix and match dose and activity. Do you meditate? Blend ONDA into your morning tea before a meditation session. The good news is, CBD is a gentle addition to your existing lifestyle. Especially since we are talking about 10-100 mgs. For reference: a single over the counter Advil tablet is 200 milligrams. Hope you feel informed and ready to go forth and conquer your flow!