Another Arrow for the Quiver

There is nothing cultish, kool-aid or proselytize about this man, but somewhere in his demeanor, the subtlety of how he carries himself, the way he shares his wines like his experiences, there is something that lends to a quiet wishing. Wishing he would say more, share more, teach more (because he is nothing if not a teacher). This man feels like a professional mentor.


CBD LifestylesNapa, California was decimated by wildfire this year, but David Mahaffy of Olivia Brion Wines walks through his vines speaking only of how well the miners lettuce is doing this year and how maybe, just maybe, the powdery mildew will have been wiped and the grapes will be spared. He points out how the ponds and lakes are refilling, there is new growth in the oaks, the big bay tree may survive. We talk about his 37 years of wine-making and a hope for transitions to come. He sounds like a true farmer, wishing someone from this amorphous ‘next generation’ will pick up where he hopes to set down. We also talk about ONDA Wellness and CBD

CBD Testimonials

Between winemaking, woodworking and gardening, David keeps his hands and body busy. Not to mention pastimes like whitewater rafting. When looking at his peer group, David speaks of weekend warriors pushing themselves hard in work and play.

It makes sense then, that he has started experimenting with ONDA’s CBD Capsules for their restorative properties.

While he is eager to explore further, so far he has found it to be incredibly helpful in the unwinding stages of exercise, especially for relaxing his muscles post workout, allowing him to drop into more recuperative rest. Next he wants to see what these cannabinoids can do for him during a workout. Save the psychoactives for another day, he is here with a mind to try some some serious hiking, biking and whitewater rafting while still feeling great the next day.

David unknowingly pointed out a great feature of this product while we spoke about his adventures to come. Moving forward he plans to experiment with dosage – depending on his activity level. This is one of the best parts about ONDA Wellness and what we hope to bring to the table. The inspiration of our hemp extracts stems from whole-plant medicine in its simplest form. This means that individuals can explore dosages for desired effect. Without hidden additives or harmful chemicals, the subtlety of our coconut capsules are a true highlight. To David, ONDA’S hemp extracts are not here to replace anything in his current wellness arsenal. Instead he sees this product as “another arrow for the quiver.”

CBD And Olivia Brion Wines