With the warmer months welcoming us into Summertime, we need to be mindful of how this changing temperature affects our plant medicines. There’s nothing more disappointing than a rancid tincture. You not only lose the benefits from the fresh constituents of the hemp plant, but you also lose money and decent relief! Methodical storage and proper care allow you to get the most out of your CBD oil and your dollars.

To help make smart decisions on how best to store and use your CBD oil, we’ve compiled the following tips.

Store Your CBD Oil in a Cool, Dark Place

CBD coconut oil MCT oil ONDA Wellness

To know how to properly store your CBD products, base your decision on what the carrier oil is. Most companies use coconut oil, olive oil, or hempseed oil. ONDA uses coconut oil and fractured coconut oil, also known as MCT oil, meaning you can store ours in the fridge if you so desire.

Storing your oil in an upright position in a place with stable temperature and away from extreme light, heat, or moisture is the forefront of any good medicine keeping. Try storing your ONDA products in a controlled environment as you would with any quality finishing oil (generally between 68 – 78°F). A dry pantry is a perfect home for your oil.

Another option is to store your products in the refrigerator. Though not necessary, many customers (and staff members) believe this will help the oils remain stable. This gives the product longer shelf life just like with nuts and salad dressings. We’ve heard of customers storing their bulk oils in the fridge for up to 12 months. Though if you use your CBD often enough, the refrigerator may not be necessary as you are already replacing it on a regular basis.

Deciding between the cupboard or refrigerator depends on the given temperature of the home or building you store it in. I recently had to move my tincture from an enclosed spice rack to my fridge because of the frequent temperature changes. This is something to consider if your home is a warm one (aka no AC during a heatwave!)

Shake Well, So Well

Just like with any natural food or supplement sitting in a carrier oil, the solid and water-soluble materials will separate from the oils. A perfect example of this is salad dressing. As we know a good quality salad dressing needs to be shaken before every use.

So when it comes to the ONDA tinctures, be sure to shake well before each use! Shaking your bottle will ensure that you are getting an accurate and consistent dose. This way, you’re not leaving any essential matter at the bottom of the container for you to accidentally consume all at once towards the end of your bottle. This kind of phenomenon happens more often than one may think.

photo by Kate Berry, @katebe_

A Big DON’T In Our Book

Never leave your medicine in the car! The fluctuating temperature and light can damage your quality plant medicines, which can degrade its efficacy and value. Even if it’s stored in a glove compartment.

If you must keep your CBD on hand, which is something we understand, keep in your office desk or in a purse or bag that you use frequently. If in a purse or bag, make sure not to crush your product! Keeping in a hard case may be best, and if that’s not an option, a plastic baggie in case of leaks.

We hope these quick tips about storing and dosing will help you savor your quality plant medicines and allow you to get the most from our products during the summer months!