Edited by Lance Hanson, Jack Rabbit Hill Farm

How we grow hemp is just as important as how we extract and handle the flower oils. After all, these oils – full spectrum CBD – are medicines that work inside of the body, and we feel a great responsibility when endeavoring to create something clean enough to put inside our bodies.

Onda believes in working with natural systems when it comes to farming, and holding onto the natural life force from seed to finished product because, at the end of the day, we want to make sure we’re providing you the cleanest possible plant medicine.

So how do we set out to achieve this? Enter: biodynamic farming.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic is a holistic, ecological approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition that is rooted in the belief that mother nature is our best teacher when it comes to farming and food production. Introduced by Rudolph Steiner in 1924 in Europe, Biodynamic was the first organic farming program and became the model for Rodale’s subsequent work.

Some core features of biodynamic farming:

Tools for making super high-quality compost, the biodynamic preparations

Compost packed with critters, microbes and humus really is the cornerstone of any soil-building program (without vibrant, living soil we can’t grow healthy plants).

The biodynamic method includes highly effective recipes for making compost starters, called the biodynamic preparations, which help transform raw manure and scraps into humus-rich solid and liquid composts that naturally stimulate and strengthen soils, plants, and animals.

Tools for restoring life in water

Current scientific research is proving that water actually has a fourth phase in addition to liquid, gas and solid. Water in this 4th phase (known as living water, exclusion zone water, etc) revitalizes healthy, biological processes the way healthy food does. Your body actually wants to transform the tap water you drink into 4th phase, living water.

Biodynamic farming includes an instruction set for turning “flat” liquid water into living water, by spinning or stirring the water in a vessel in a forward-backward sequence that reorganizes the structure of the water.

Biodynamic preparations and composts are stirred into this living water to make compost “teas” that soils and plants naturally crave the way your body craves living water and clean, low-processed foods.

Water quality is just as important as soil quality when it comes to growing healthy, clean hemp.

Harnessing life forces in the sky

Researchers like Maria and Mathias Thun in Germany demonstrated that celestial conditions can have as much impact on healthy plants as soil quality. Certain, light and air quality, even the relative positions of the sun, moon and stars, and time of day and year, can “fertilize” plants the way healthy soils do.

Biodynamic farming recognizes and seeks to support the key roles played by our celestial friends in healthy plant growth and nutrition.

Lance Hanson, Jack Rabbit Hill Farm

Why is Biodynamic farming so important to Onda?

We believe there is potent healing in natural wisdom. Nature is our best teacher, and by working with the seasons, elements, and cosmos, we are able to collectively grow a healthier, more empowered and viable CBD-rich product for you. All while contributing to the building of a brighter, healthier and more dynamic future.

Our CBD oil is a holistic approach to hemp nutrients, and we believe our farming practices need to reflect that same holistic approach. There has to be this parallel. The biodynamic farm is a self-nourishing organism, just as our products are.

– Stephen Smith, Onda founder & CEO