Golden Days in the Coastal Range of British Columbia

By Amanda Leigh Smith

“Hiking is one of the best things I can do to alleviate my stress and anxiety. Being close to nature is how I meditate and reconnect with myself. It’s also a way I like to connect with friends, so when I went to visit some friends in Canada I took them to one of my favorite places to hike along Gold Creek.

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Just recently I started back to school, and sometimes my stresses are so pronounced in my thoughts that I need support in winding down and taking the edge off, but my body is sensitive and substances easily affect it whether it’s food, supplements, or medications. 

This is why I love ONDA, especially over other CBD products I have tried. I love the CBD oil tincture because I can easily control how much or how little to use. I like to put a few drops to a full dropper in my tea as needed throughout the day without any negative side effects. I feel like the calming results are instant, but my mind still feels clear and alert. Finding ONDA has been a game changer for my health routine.  It was so great to be able to share it with my friends while we explored my favorite forest on a surprisingly sunny winter day in the Pacific Northwest.”

Amanda Leigh Smith, photographer & student

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“I’ve been taking various CBD oils and capsules for about a year now, but I’ve felt such a difference with the ONDA capsules. I manage a pizzeria and am on my feet all day, so taking a 25 mg capsule at the end of the day is so helpful in calming myself down, reducing anxieties and relieving any physical soreness.


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Oils I have used before didn’t seem to have a lasting effect, but with the ONDA capsules I honestly feel relieved for hours, and my mind is just purely at ease. 

I often take them to cure hangovers as well as opposed to taking ibuprofen and it’s been such a game changer. I would love to get my Mom on board with giving her dogs CBD as they are both getting older and arthritic, as well as one of them is a very anxious dog. I’ve seen how it affects my life and think it would greatly improve theirs as well.”

Taylor Gardiner, restaurant manager

CBD Capsule reviews ONDA Wellness British Columbia

“I’m from a very wee town called Golden, up high in the Canadian Rockies, but I’m currently living in Vancouver, BC. I use CBD to help with sleep, anxiety, and aches and pains from old nagging injuries.

CBD Capsules ONDA Wellness

 I’ve used the 25 mg and 50 mg ONDA capsules. I like the 25 mgs for use during the day, and the 50 mg before bed for a restful sleep. Compared to other CBD products, I find that ONDA capsules have a more focused, mellow effect than other products I’ve tried, without making me feel sluggish. ONDA helps me to feel calm and focused, and eases my achy joints. 

I notice a big difference with my anxiety levels when I use the CBD capsules, without any fogginess. I have completely eliminated anti-inflammatory medications like Advil from my routine. I find that ONDA capsules are even effective for stubborn menstrual cramps and aches.”

Alberta Rose, freelance creative person