How to Eat Your Drink


It may feel like yesterday, but it has already been two weeks since Family Supper Plank: Whole Food + Whole Plant Dinner. One of the highlights of the evening? New friend and inspiration Matthew Biancaniello, of Eat Your Drink, came to shake things up with signature ONDA CBD infused cocktails! Known for his farm fresh beverages, Biancaniello serves up everything his brand promises—a culinary experience in a glass. His creations are based in experimentation and what’s in season so you’re unlikely to have the same drink twice if he is behind the bar.



Wild Arugula and Gin

If you weren’t able to join us,  not to worry, here is a taste of what the night was all about. Enjoy this recipe at home, or share it with friends. This cocktail can be made with or without alcohol.




CBD infused cocktail



2 oz Gin

3/4 oz fresh lime juice

3/4 oz agave syrup (1:1 

ratio of agave nectar to water)

1 cup wild arugula

1 dropper ONDA CBD Tincture (20 mg)

Muddle arugula

Add lime & agave

Muddle a little more

Add gin & ice

Shake shake shake!

Strain into a rocks glass with ice

Garnish with mustard flowers

Non-Alcoholic Version:

Replace gin with a non-alcoholic base like Gardin Seedlip, or simply top with a sparkling water of your choice!


ONDA MCT CBD TIncture for CBD infused cocktails


Trick: Remember the inspiration behind Matthews drinks lives in seasonal ingredients, local food, and curiosity. Don’t be afraid to mix it up if something jumps out at you while cruising your farmers market or walking through your yard.