Capsules or Tincture…

If you are new to CBD capsules and tinctures, consider this a rough roadmap. This map is probably drawn on printer paper with a sharpie someone left in the couch, but the lines are true and the information to help you find some direction is hopefully all here. Let’s orient ourselves on this map.

Already Familiar with CBD Capsules and Tinctures?

Whole Plant CBD Full Spectrum ONDA Wellness

The primary distinction between Onda’s tinctures and our CBD capsules is found in the base. The tincture has a base of a combination of Organic MCT oil and Organic coconut oil, while the capsules are Organic coconut oil. Same CBD. Same Whole Hemp Infusion. Same effect. So the main differences are found in the individuality of your own body. Some people find they feel the results of CBD much more acutely than others. However, the effects can be very subtle and learning what works best is something you’ll have to explore. Do you know your sensitivity to CBD? Start by trying a few simple experiments to get a better understanding. 

While all our ONDA products have less than 0.3% THC, CBD has been found to have adaptogenic properties. This means that each body can react to CBD based on their own physical state, mood, or need in a given moment.

Look into Your Existing Routine

Onda is all about fitting into YOUR life – just the way it is. CBD will not cause side effects like a new career, a bigger house, or mastery of being (well maybe, but we can’t legally claim that). More commonly, however, it can be an aid for you in activities such as work, sleep, and exercise. Are you actively working on a practice to meditate every morning? Do you run three miles in the evening? Have you committed to writing 1,000 words before breakfast each day?


ONDA CBD capsule

From there,

What’s the Occasion?

Try to identify the pieces of your routine that could facilitate and benefit from CBD. For example, the Onda tincture, with its coconut and MCT oil blend is a perfect addition to a Bulletproof Coffee in the morning. On the other hand, the coconut CBD capsules make managing milligrams a cinch. To help with inflammation before/after exercising, try substituting Whole Hemp CBD in lieu of Ibuprofen. Or, take a 25mg CBD capsule before sitting down to write your morning pages – do let us know if it improves your prose.  


Are you planning a trip? Onda’s Whole Hemp CBD capsules make for a great travel companion on any flight.  Don’t worry about pulling out your liquids, having the conversation with TSA (again), or calculating how many doses you want to bring.  

As a regular supplement

If you already have an established tea, coffee or smoothie routine, the Whole Hemp Infusion tincture is an easy addition to throw into the daily mix. For those sleepless nights, keep a kit of CBD capsules in the drawer by your bed for easy access. 

Mostly, it Comes Down to Preference

Folks who are accustomed to taking tinctures or don’t like the sensation of swallowing pills are well suited to the MCT oil.

Others prefer the dosage consistency of CBD capsules. If you’re planning on spending time with relatives and don’t want to explain that hemp stuff you’re taking, capsules transfer easily into another vessel. Use an old ibuprofen bottle or mason jar and enter greater relaxation indiscretion.

Same Quality, No Matter How You Dice It

At its core, the quality of our Whole Hemp CBD in both the Onda tinctures and capsules is the same. From the lab to your hands, we put the same care into all our products, including our Pet Line. Between our patented extraction process and our commitment to finding the best raw materials to work with, we feel confident here at Onda Wellness in the quality of Whole Hemp CBD we send your way. 

Hopefully this road map wasn’t too bumpy and helped you find some direction, but if you have more questions, as always – email us!