Onda is coming to Ojai this November! Join us for a weekend of regeneration with Onda, whole-plant medicine, and friends on ‪November 8th through the 10th in majestic Ojai, California‬!

Known as a haven of health and serenity, Ojai is the perfect landscape for a health-centered weekend getaway. With a little help from Onda’s Whole Hemp CBD and our retreat partners, we invite you to unwind, reconnect with nature, and explore the depths of self and what it means to heal from within.

Enjoy yoga sessions led by Serge of Light and Space Yoga, Friday night tunes provided by DJ Shiva, an educational juice session with Scott Walker of Juice Ranch, and learn about Whole Hemp CBD and Regenerative Farming from our Founders, Stephen and Annie.

Space is very limited. Contact our event coordinator alexa@getgurud.com for more information.

Simply being human can be challenging for all of us, and the more support we can gather on our journeys, the better.

Serge Bandura

Yoga Instructor Spotlight: Serge Bandura

Serge Bandura of Light and Space Yoga

To help capture the vibe of this incredible weekend adventure, we sat down with Light and Space Yoga founder and curator, Serge Bandura. Director of Shivakali Yoga, as well, Serge has taught the yogic arts of India and Tibet for nearly 20 years. He has trained in the practice, ritual, philosophy, and meditation with masters of all kinds during these decades. A former jazz musician, vinyl collector, music producer & graffiti writer, Serge now actively creates sounds + DJs under the moniker Earthtones.

What is the inspiration that lead to your offering of a Yoga studio for the Ojai community?

I had been asked by a few friends here in town to create a new yoga studio that would speak to the greater population here and draw people together.  I was very hesitant at first (esp. as there are so many wonderful studios here already).  But in time I felt called to create a new hub for our community to connect with each other, and with themselves, more deeply through the teachings of Yoga and Meditation, and also through healing arts events, workshops, musical gatherings, etc.

The result has been a beautiful coming together of a lot of very wonderful local spirits, both teachers and students.

Light and Space Yoga and Onda Wellness have similar missions in that we both look to heal the people. What is your best advice for those feeling lost or anxious?

Serge of Light and Space Yoga Onda Ojai California Retreat

Slow down, breathe, and begin to engage in a practice that can shift you out of those states of being. I find it takes practice, and Yoga is one of them, that when done regularly allows us to transform these challenges into food for our growth. That takes us from a feeling of being lost to being found. From disconnection to connection. From being fragmented to being integrated.

Also, I am a believer in therapy if one is going through a very challenging time.  Simply being human can be challenging for all of us, and the more support we can gather on our journeys, the better.

What is your favorite way to consume Onda Whole Hemp CBD? How does it help you?

I am mostly sober and have only consumed CBD once, in a capsule form, from Stephen. 🙂  That said, I fully support plant-based medicines and the CBD industry seems to be doing wonderful things for a lot of people. I think Onda is a wonderful organization with a powerful product.

What are you most excited about with the upcoming November Onda Ojai retreat?

Sharing breath, balance, and peace of mind/heart with a group of very special people, in the land of Ojai.

Onda Ojai California Retreat

Space is very limited! Contact our event coordinator alexa@getgurud.com for more information.

Featured photo sourced from lightandspaceyoga.com