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All recipes and extraction methods come from a desire to maintain whole plant integrity, to keep out unnecessary additives and offer the greatest potential for well-being. We came together serendipitously to create products that transcend social and cultural boundaries, benefiting everyone from the athlete to the artist, from the war veteran to the active senior. ONDA is proud to offer a new alternate in wellness.

Jonnah Perkins: The Body As A Regenerative Ecosystem

The story of a holistic approach to whole plant medicines and lifestyle from the perspective of a farmer and athlete. Guest post by Jonnah Mellenthin Perkins When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find...

CBD-Infused Pomegranate Margaritas

Whether watching the Big Game or enjoying a leisurely Sunday, celebrate your day with an Onda-infused, antioxidant-rich pomegranate margarita! This winter spin on a classic will not only impress your friends but may also leave your head feeling less achy come Monday morning, as reports...

It’s Real Fun, Wow! Interview with Daren Thomas Magee

I had the honor to sit with artist and visionary, and most of all a human filled with talent, wit and grace– Daren Thomas Magee of Real Fun, Wow! We discuss his start as an illustrator and designer, the fun things he's...

CBD Dosing Guide Part II

Whether you are new to CBD or a CBD devotee, we’d like to expand on our Onda Dosage guide.

CBD-Infused Blackberry Shrub Bubbly

Looking forward to some tasty beverages this summer? Whether you’re indulging in a bubbly glass of champagne, a delicious red vino, or enjoying a simple gin and tonic (or two), don’t forget to stock your bar with an Onda Whole Hemp™ CBD tincture.

Hemp Immunity Infusion

Hemp Immunity Infusion ONDA Wellness
What's Inside This Immune-Boosting CBD Tincture We are wishing you well-being in this trying time.We’ve created the new Hemp Immunity Infusion to keep you calm and strong, and it’s available now shipping nation-wide. Hemp Immunity...

Your Immunity Starts With Staying Balanced and Stress-Free

Stress and Mindfulness
Now more than ever, we need to get creative in the strengthening of our immune systems through stress-reducing practices so we can better manage this modern-day viral pandemic. Here are three methods Onda is using to cope with our own stress levels as we navigate the unknowns.

Valentine’s Day Libido-Boosting Dark Chocolate Bark

In search of a delicious, libido-boosting recipe to gift your Valentine this year? We've got you covered! You can make this homemade chocolate with just a handful of essential ingredients – virgin coconut oil, coconut butter, cacao...

Whole Hemp™ CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

Whole Hemp CBD ONDA
Just like with eating whole foods, it is the entire plant, herb, or flower working together that gives us that elevated, more efficacious medicine. The Endocannabinoid System For our initial batch of facts, we’d like to...

Onda CBD Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

This year, make whole hemp nutrition a family affair. We all know CBD is perfect for long TSA lines, staying around for long periods with our in-laws, and dealing with the flurry of Black Friday. But did you know Whole Hemp CBD goes beyond its well-known, active ingredient?

Autumn-Inspired Whole Hemp CBD Recipes

Turn your culinary adventures up a notch by exploring with Onda's Whole Hemp Infusions. Our hemp is heated and infused into organic, coconut-derived MCT Oil, making this CBD tincture the perfect ingredient for a variety of confections, soups, beverages, and dressings.

Renew. Revive. Regenerate. Sound Performance by Shiva

What is it about music that moves our bodies, moods, and emotions? Taking us from one state of mind to the next. One motion to another. For sound healers, music producers, dancers and everyone in between, music is a medicine for both...

An Ojai Weekend With Onda: Meet Serge of Light and Space Yoga

Onda is coming to Ojai this November! Join us for a weekend of regeneration with Onda, whole-plant medicine, and friends on ‪November 8th through the 10th in majestic Ojai, California‬!Known as a haven of health and serenity, Ojai is the perfect landscape...

Libido Femme: The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs for Women

libido femme, Dr. Janine Mahon and ONDA whole plant cbd, chinese herbs, chinese medicine
Support your hormones and libido with the power of Chinese plant medicine. Have you introduced Chinese medicinal herbs to your self-care regimen? If the answer is no, now might be your time and Onda’s first women’s topical serum is...

Onda Effects: Interview with Monica Lo

portrait by Heather Tafolla, @heathertafolla This week on Onda Community Interviews, we sat with Monica Lo, creator of the award-winning cannabis blog, Sous Weed, to about Monica's deeper passions and how they shape her career today. Monica is...

3 Ways to Wind Down the Summer with Onda CBD

ONDA CBD Summer Uses
Why not end summer on a good note? Rejuvenated, satisfied, and well-rested is the experience we are looking for as summer winds down and responsibilities pick back up. What we often feel instead is dehydration, dry skin, and two too many hangovers...

What is Beyond Full Spectrum CBD?

Whole Plant CBD Full Spectrum ONDA Wellness
The ONDA Difference: Whole Hemp Infusion VS. Full & Broad Spectrum CBD As CBD products continue to flood the new sector of the beauty and wellness industries, being equipped with the ability to decide...