ONDA Flow with Hat Maker and Farmer Cate Havstad

Cate Havstad CBD and the Flow ONDA WellnessLET’S. TALK. ABOUT. THIS. WOMAN.

If you don’t have a crush on her, then you’re not paying attention. Cate’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in everything she engages in. From her totally custom-hat making business, which she runs out of a refurbished airstream, to the way she approaches our current food system, Cate has made a life out of marrying art, food, and politics. Each hat, a one of a kind piece, fits in with an ethos that drives her: quality over quantity, investment in longevity, and constant recognition of the importance of our purchasing power as individuals. Cate and her partner Chris live on their farm, Casad Family Farms, in Madras, Oregon. There they pasture raise animals, and grow beautiful hay and produce, following organic and biodynamic principles.

Personal agenda aside (Cate, call me), here is what Miss Havstad had to say about how she incorporates ONDA into her every day routine.


The Interview:

Cate Havstad Hat Maker
Cate in her airstream workshop building custom hats

ONDA: Did you ever imagine you’d be a hat maker?

CATE: No, I had no idea I would be a hatmaker until I began apprenticing. I was gifted a hat that quickly became a prized possession, and when it got chewed up I was simply trying to fix it. The interest was sparked and only grew from there.

ONDA: What is your favorite album to listen to when you’re working?

CATE: Here are a few in rotation right now;  Muswell Hillbillies by the Kinks, as well as the self titled album by Old Testament, and Warble Womb by Dead Meadow.

ONDA: You’re from California. What are your favorite West Coast cities / towns?

Cate Havstad Organic Farmer

CATE: Occidental, CA;  Joseph, Oregon; Bend, Oregon;  Seattle, WA; North Fork, CA

ONDA: How much ONDA do you take at a time?

CATE: 50 Mg

ONDA: Describe your physical/mental state

CATE: When I take Onda, I feel a marked sense of calm and increased focus.

ONDA: Do you see it replacing any substance in your life?

CATE: In the past I tried other THC products seeking relief from anxiety with mixed results; some strains would promote calm, others would enhance the anxiety. With this CBD product I’ve had no adverse effects and I enjoy the calming without the “high” of THC.

Cate Havstad Hat Maker
Cate sewing on a custom stamped sweat band

ONDA: Do you see it magnifying, improving, or pairing well with any of your current wellness practices?

CATE: Yes, I enjoy a cup of coffee with a CBD capsule in the morning and it’s a great supplement to mitigate soreness due to my workout routine.  

ONDA: Is there anyone in your life that you wish would take ONDA?

CATE: I’d like to get my parents on board with using this CBD product as a replacement for ibuprofen anti-inflammatory products. I’ve also recommended it to many of my friends who suffer from insomnia or inconsistent sleep patterns. It has 100% success for me when it come to promoting uninterrupted sleep.

ONDA: Can you explain the benefits from ONDA that help you the most?

CATE: The calmness it adds to my workflow throughout the day and the uninterrupted sleep it promotes have been game changers for me.

ONDA: Do you have a favorite ritual or other products you combine with ONDA?

CATE: I like to make a blended morning coffee with ONDA, Maca, adaptogen mushroom blend and raw milk w maple syrup, mmm!


Follow along with our favorite hatter and her farm on Instagram. Plus, check out this great podcast for an in-depth look at how she views our modern day food system and how regenerative agriculture is the foundation of greater sustainability. We are happy and honored to have the brains and brawn behind Havstad Hat Co. on Team ONDA.