Interview with Zander Ault

Buena ONDA family! I’m so excited to introduce you to Zander Ault of The Cyclist’s Menu. Zander is a cyclist and a chef with an affinity for bringing people together through the two. We loved speaking to Zander about his journey and how ONDA has impacted it.

Where did your adventures in food and biking start? and at what point did they merge?

Mountain Biking Missoula, Montana

I started riding mountain bikes in Missoula, Montana during college at the University of Montana. I was playing for the school’s lacrosse team at the time, and riding bikes was a great alternative activity to the strenuous beating your body takes on the lacrosse field. It was during the same time I met some of my core group of friends, the ones that have remained in my life till this day. There’s something so simple about what a bike offers to the individual who cares to ride it into the far reaches of a forest, urban or backcountry landscape.

College was a monumental transition in my life. I was studying environmental science, while focusing on the sustainable development of food systems and how they both interact with and effect the connectivity of a communities future.

I knew fairly early on that I didn’t want to physically farm, but I wanted farming to be a focal point of my life in some way. Picking up a chef’s knife in 2008 opened my eyes to how I would eventually do this. It took sometime to sculpt my career and design my own theories on why eating farm direct foods not only develops your personal life, but the ones around you.

Furthermore, how your impact within your local food system extends itself farther than you can imagine on a daily basis.

Since, I have remained in touch with how important moving my body is and as a result the foods I need to perform. Turns out my love for the agricultural world found it’s connection to my life.

What are some of your favorite dishes?

I source my food directly from providers. So, in many ways I have little control over what I end up with when I get to the kitchen. But that’s the best part! It’s why I love what I do, because I get to look at what I was able to purchase and design it on the spot. It’s dynamic, it’s challenging and provides a basis for story telling through food. I love salads! Everyone wants an incredible salad. From there, the family style aspect of our table allows guests to design how their meal carries out. It’s very engaging and becomes personal.

What does a typical ride look like for you?

Great question! My bike, always a wind breaker, hopefully my girl Heidi, and a smile. Riding for me has never been about results. I’ve always enjoyed challenge through my athletic endeavors, however cycling is different. Riding a bike is such a creative journey. The bike is the tool and you choose how you travel through that moment in time. That is why I love it.

A client asked me a questions during a ride at camp this season, Arizona Gravel Camp 2019;

“Z, are we racing each other out here for what?”

I replied, “No way! We’re just having fun, riding together, pushing each other to forget about all the rest, and just go, feel like you’re flying.”

It’s a special feeling when you don’t know why you’re moving so quickly but it feels effortless. It’s really the best!

How much ONDA do you take at a time?

I typically take 50mg. I enjoy 25mg during a ride and depending on how I’m feeling emotionally, the dose changes. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and live with ADD, so ONDA cbd really takes the edge off and allows me to concentrate and get my shit done.

Can you describe your physical/mental state after taking ONDA?

Clear and calm. ONDA slows things down and allows for mind and brain to connect and find symmetry in the chaos.

Do you see it replacing any substance in your life?

It replaced prescription, western meds of any kind. I’d say that’s a good thing…

Do you see it magnifying, improving, or pairing well with any of your current wellness practices?

Yes. ONDA CBD improves my output and ability to structure my goals professionally.

Is there anyone in your life that you wish would take ONDA?

My mother.

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Can you explain the benefits from ONDA that help you the most?

It’s ability to completely calm internal energy I cope with during moments of high anxiety. It’s quite amazing. This lends itself well into being a professional chef, professional cycling chef and all around active human being.

Do you have a favorite ritual or other products you combine with ONDA?

Nope! I just like it straight up. Although I do add it to smoothies regularly! Anything high in fat combines well!

Check out Zander and a Cyclist’s Menu to follow along with his enviable escapades! #ridebikeseatfood



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