To celebrate the New Year approaching, ahem… New Decade, we reflect on the past year we’ve experienced both as a company and as a community. So today we are giving these past 12 months the homage they deserve.

In 2019 Onda expanded our tiny team to a less tiny team, we planted seeds with our dear farmer friends for the first time and watched those seeds grow into beautiful hemp trees. We added new products to our wellness collection. We celebrated whole plant medicines and foods in several dinner events, engaging in thought-provoking conversations surrounding holistic health, regenerative agriculture, and mission-driven authenticity, and even created a new brand look to something more reflective of who we are.

It’s been an amazing year of growth for us this year, and we have you to thank. Thank you from the depths of our collective heart for supporting Onda and helping us grow. We do not have investors, shareholders, or any substantial funding outside of our consumers’ support. We are small, yes, but our mission is significant.  And that is to heal the people, empower our farmers, and support the regeneration of the earth. We could not do any of this without your incredible dedication and support. Thank you.

To leave you with Onda’s best of 2019, we have gathered our top six most engaging blog posts from this past year that we know you’ll love.

CBD Capsules ONDA Wellness

1. CBD Capsules or Tincture…or Both?

This blog post is perfect for the Onda beginners, the CBD novice, and for those just looking where to start.

Libido Femme CBD Tincture

2. Creator of Onda x Libido Femme: Dr. Janine Mahon

We believe in sharing the expertise of our talented partners who create our most elusive products. Here we interview Libido Femme creator, Dr. Janine Mahon, and dive into her initial passions and why she entered Chinese medicine. We absolutely love Dr. Janine and her beautiful potions. We think you may like her, too, after reading her words.

3. Farm + Flower: A Whole Food CBD-Dinner Recap; Interview with Stephen Smith

Speaking of influential creators, here we dive into the thoughts of Stephen Smith, co-founder of Onda Wellness. This interview is unique in that we focus mainly on the synergies between the CBD industry and the nutrition industry. We speak to the beauty of whole plant foods and medicines and how important it is to choose quality over convenience.

4. The Onda Difference: Biodynamic Farming Practices

Looking to geek out on truly regenerative agriculture and celestial wonders? Meet Biodynamic Farming. Edited by Biodynamic pioneer, Lance Hanson of Jack Rabbit Hill Farm, this article guides you through the ecologic beauty of working with the earth and stars, not against them.

5. CBD And The Flow

Curious how CBD helps you enter your flow state? Or even what the term “flow state” means? This concept is what launched our brand from the beginning, Keep the Flow is our anthem, and this blog post helps us understand how to apply flow to your everyday life with Onda’s Whole Hemp CBD.

Jessica Ilalaole Cobra Cult Jewelry

6. Jessica Ilalaole of Cobra Cult

One of our absolute favorite makers and dear friend, Jessica Ilalaole. Earlier this year, I sat down with Jessica to explore the parts of her life that lead her into her ideal lifestyle– off the grid, surrounded by nature, making gorgeous, instantly sold out jewelry, and how Onda has helped her through the daily challenges of sole entrepreneurship.

So there we have it, our ascending into the New Year filled with gratitude and communal support. We hope you have an incredible 2020.

Featured image by Mariana Schulze Photography, @nothinmyst