ONDA Wellness CBD Benefits: We Explore the Top 5 Greatest Hits with Hemp Oil Healing

We knew we loved our hemp extract. But as we opened the conversation to our users about how they are benefiting from ONDA CBD oil, the flood of feedback has been invigorating. With such a deep history of healing around this plant and its cannabidiol constituent, all the positivity shouldn’t have been surprising.

CBD benefits anxiety

When we asked our friends how and why they use our sleek little coconut capsules And Their Top CBD Benefits, here is what they said…

5. Take the Edge Off

It is not uncommon for any given person to feel varying degrees of that four letter word anxiety any day of the week. Fast tracks and smartphones. Social media and social obligations. Work and mother-in-laws can get a hold of us at the drop of a hat and it hasn’t made our lives less complicated to be sure. Before you book yourself a one way to Argentina, try ONDA’s CBD first. Our users range from sufferers of PTSD to those just trying handle the holidays.

4. Rebuild During Sleep

CBD menstrual cycleNumber 4 on our top 5 list could just as easily be number 1. While our CBD is not designed as a sleep aid, its relaxing properties can help you drop down into that deep, restorative kind of sleep with ease. Our full spectrum capsules have less than .3% THC so you get the medicinal properties of whole plant medicine without the psychoactive cannabinoids firing off. This can help guide your mind into a more relaxed state, allowing your body to do the work it’s meant to during sleep.

3. Fine-Tune Your Moon

What welcome and unexpected news. The ladies on team ONDA have been ecstatic to share that month after month, particular CBD benefits have jumped in to stabilize the day. While we can’t emphasize enough that every body is different, and no two experiences can be measured by each other, the sentiment around both during and pre menstrual cycle has been a delight to hear.


2. Perform, Restore, Recover.

CBD Oil Benefits Recovery

No we are not a “performance enhancing” drug. Not today, not tomorrow. However, ONDA Wellness has been known to help your body help itself. Find focus during key moments of your favorite physical activity, allowing you to push yourself to YOUR limits. We are here for those curious souls who want to discover what their bodies are capable of doing, while still having the ability to heal. P.S. we’ve had great feedback around knocking out soreness and inflammation

1. Enter the Flow State

CBD benefits diagram

Passport not required, come on in. Many of our friends find that ONDA’s 50 mg CBD capsules help them to access that oh-so-coveted sense of energized focus. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Flow state (aka “being in the zone”), is that feeling of working in your element. A sense of controlled momentum. Being so totally absorbed by an activity, and enjoyment of the process, that you can lose your sense of time and place.With an ever growing list of distractions, becoming fully immersed in the present has become more and more difficult. No wonder Flow pops up as number 1 on our Top 5 CBD benefits and uses of ONDA Wellness.

Still here? Check out our products and let us know how ONDA works for you!