Whole Food + Whole Plant


ONDA SAMA SAMA Whole Food Whole Plant CBD infused dinnerCommunitynoun

plural -ties


  1. the people living in one locality
  2. common ownership or participation
  3. ecology a group of interdependent plants and animals inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other through food and other relationships


Back in January

ONDA had the opportunity to explore what community really means to us. We came together with Sama Sama, Family Supper Plank, Mother Indica, Eat Your Drink and Calivolve to host a CBD dinner and ended up with a truly collaborative experience. What began as a desire to create a few CBD recipes, grew into a night of education, conversation, handmade tables and an ONDA CBD infused meal.


ONDA And SAMA SAMA Whole Food Whole Plant CBD infused dinnerComing Together

There is a concept that comes up for me often in farming and business: “A rising tide gathers all ships.” I love this idea for the way it helps to diffuse ego in any venture close the the heart. It is not a competition, but a group effort to share information, to keep dialogue supportive, and most importantly to establish a point of connection instead of contention. This most recent dinner embodied that completely. In the rapidly growing industry that is “CBD,” it is easy to feel like your neighbor is your competitor. We found the reality, however, to be that our neighbors help take our tiny waves and propel them into an industry changing flood based in the human need for connection. Through our Whole Food + Whole Plant Dinner we were able to explore the way a group of people with similar core values can gather, pool knowledge and build something together.



Who Came to the Table

We met on a Saturday and Sunday in January at the Ojai Rancho Inn. As a part of the Shelter Social Club, the Rancho is a space built with community experiences in mind. It’s there in the name, “Social.” Their design is unpretentious quality, a firm hold on creativity, and connection to local artists and event building. From the backyard we witnessed an epic sunset while Ojai’s surrounding mountains turned pink and ended the evening around the poolside fire pit. Looking for a daily dose of relaxation inspiration or a creative event to attend? Their instagram is calling.



Eat Your Drink

The night was kicked off by our talented friend Matthew Biancaniello. Inspired by seasonal and local ingredients, Biancaniello of Eat Your Drink prepared a number of farm fresh cocktails infused with ONDA CBD. For anyone new to CBD, and interested in exploring the effects of the evenings infused drinks and food, Matthew offered up his same signature drinks with a non-alcoholic base. 

Click here to check out one of the cocktails he created for the night.



Family Supper Plank

Dinner was held on the Family Supper Plank, a table made up of two 12 foot catalpa planks, where each “plate” is carved directly into the wood. The design behind the table is to bring a sense of connectivity to the group, whether through the intimacy of physical closeness, or what it means to share a meal. It is about finding what is already in a place. The people, the food, the environment. What is the community growing, making, thinking about. It’s about the folks working hard to create delicious, nutrient-rich, food in an ecologically minded practice, from soil up. Alexis Plank (of FSP) brings inspiration from farming and ranching and a hope to share what eating from within our communities can do for our the health of our systems – physical, environmental, and social.



Sama Sama Kitchen

With one location in Santa Barbara and another in Ojai, Sama Sama is simply nailing it when it comes to cooking with what the region has to offer. Self described as “South East Asian cuisine inspired by the offerings of our local farms,” Ryan and Tyler (the Sama Sama babes and brains) pull food out of the region that would have never occurred to a farmer from 12 hours north of here. Menu planning for them involves discussing who can make it to what farmers market, picking kaffir lime leaves from Ryan’s aunts yard, and a visit to their “banana leaf guy” (also the purveyor of their papayas for their papaya salad if you have a chance to make it into one of their restaurants). For this meal we infused a number of dishes with ONDA CBD including organic grass fed Beef Brisket Rendang from Scott River Ranch. Keep your eyes out for recipes to come!


Mother Indica

After dinner, Erin Willis of Mother Indica continued this concept of consuming whole foods as a method of personal and environmental health. Her exploration of cannabis, in wellness and motherhood, is highly influenced by a background in nutrition and dietetics. Listening to Erin speak on the difference between whole plant products versus isolates was a powerful reminder of how important the source of our information is. We live in a new world right now and it is so easy to become misled by catchy titles and widely shared articles. There is a growing need for trust, and finding credible messages sans agenda can be daunting. If you are curious about cannabis, how it works, or how it can fit into your very personal experience here on planet earth, Erin is a beacon of positive information sharing. Not only is this mama incredibly knowledgeable, but she is driven by connection, both personal and community.





Lilly Cabral and My Thai, the lady entrepreneurs behind luxury cannabis brand Calivolve, brought the chocolate. Born in a desire to destigmatize cannabis, these ladies started creating handcrafted THC dark chocolate truffles. New to the Calivolve line is CBD truffles with added adaptogens and superfoods. For the Whole Food + Whole Plant dinner, they made a special truffle for the build-your-own s’more bar using ONDA Wellness CBD.




CBD Coconut Capsules Packet ONDA SAMA SAMA Whole Food Whole Plant Dinner

Weeks Later

and we’re still packed with gratitude from this wonderful event. Stay tuned for more details about conversations in cannabis and recipes from the evening. Interested in attending the next event? Join the mailing list for upcoming dinners and discounts on ONDA Wellness CBD.