About Onda

Onda Wellness exists to facilitate the healing powers of cannabis for the planet and the people. We believe in the holistic approach to this ancient plant medicine and created Onda to help you achieve a new level of health through whole-plant hemp oils.

Our products go beyond the benefits of consuming CBD. We want our farmers to feel fully supported in their efforts to grow Biodynamic and Organic hemp while also regenerating the land they grow on. We believe that when our farmers are happy and thriving, our customers and the planet deeply benefit.

All recipes and extraction methods come from a desire to maintain whole plant integrity, to keep out unnecessary additives and offer the greatest potential for well-being. We came together serendipitously to create products that transcend social and cultural boundaries, benefiting everyone from the athlete to the artist, from the war veteran to the active senior. Onda is proud to offer a new alternate in wellness.

We want you to feel good.

We want you to keep the flow.

We believe in CBD.

Interested in CBD Products?

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