Support your hormones and libido with the power of Chinese plant medicine.

Have you introduced Chinese medicinal herbs to your self-care regimen? If the answer is no, now might be your time and Onda’s first women’s topical serum is the perfect introduction. Libido Femme is a revolutionary topical made with seven proprietary Chinese herbs and Onda’s whole hemp CBD; an Onda Wellness x Dr. Janine Mahon collaboration.

“Lush, openness”, and “receptiveness” are just a few of the adjectives women have sent our way to describe their experience with Libido Femme. This blend is carefully formulated to regulate your hormones, open your heart meridian, tonify your Blood, and allow your body to rejuvenate and flow. Simply put, Libido Femme activates and aligns the woman inside of you.

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Three Basic Understandings of Plant Medicine

To best understand the force and functionality of this women’s natural care product, it’s important to understand medicinal plants.

Medicinal plants tell an ancient story of holistic healing, one that weaves cultures from around the world into the same blanket of philosophy- plants have the power to make humans feel better. An important note to make about the relationship between plant and person is that each person shares a unique experience with every herb they consume. However, the basic element that herbal professionals agree about is that herbs serve particular functions when they are consumed. Here are a few basic foundations of herb medicine:

  1. Herbs help the body move out stagnation and waste. If the body is experiencing sluggishness, irritability, or congestion, herbs move out the old to make way for the new.
  2. Herbs promote holistic healing. Their vitamin and mineral content helps the body heal itself by promoting proper form and function.
  3. Herbs provide a boost in the overall energy of the body by helping it heal and detoxify. This naturally allows the body to increase its day-to-day energy levels.

Libido Femme as Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Chinese Medicine has a history of five thousand years and is an integral part of this botanical blanket, woven together with the common goal of bringing the body back into balance with a natural world.

Smooth flow of Qi is the key to optimal health

The Western Dilemma and the Meaning of Qi 

Too often, Chinese medicine is made to fit into the mold of western medicine, which can alter the understanding of how these herbs work within the body. Unfortunately, this kind of alteration can misrepresent the ancient depth of plant-human connection. To best capture the heart of Libido Femme and the herbs within it, we had Dr. Janine Mahon chime in to explain Qi.

“Qi is all of life.

When we live in harmony with change we not only can harness the energy of the season but prepare ourselves to live optimally in the next season of our life.

Ancient Chinese philosophers studied the unique patterns of the seasons (from daily to the cycles within a lifetime) and how to best live in balance with nature. The Chinese classic, I Ching (the Book of Changes) was created to provide guidance on how to live in harmony with change.

The life force that is found within the cycle and all of life has been named Qi. Chinese medicine is the application of Chinese philosophy which is the study of Qi and all of its stages and transformations. There are many forms of Qi. Gu Qi comes from the food we eat. Zhong Qi comes from the air we breathe.

Chinese medicine aims to balance Qi disorders. Qi can be stagnant, deficient, rebellious, and sinking. There is no one cure for all, everything is individualized. A headache has many causes, you need to understand the state of the Qi to make the best choice.

Smooth flow of Qi is the key to optimal health.”

The Seven Chinese Herbs of Libido Femme

chinese herbs
Krauterbuch, Lonitzer, 1578

Tian Men Dong Asparagus officinale (Asparagus root)

  • replenishes Yin and promotes healthy fluids and radiant skin
  • nourishes the Blood and promotes healthy circulation

Dang Gui Angelica sinensis (“female ginseng”)

  • one of the most commonly used herbs in the Chinese herbal system
  • builds Blood, improves circulation, complexion, eases cramps and PMS

Mei Gui Hua Rosae Rugosae Flos (Chinese rosebud)

  • promotes the movement of Qi and relieves Stagnation
  • calms the spirit, relieves irritability and promotes overall well being

Luo Shi Teng Jasminum grandiflorum (Jasmine)

  • clears Heat in the heart, liver, and kidney meridians
  • cools the Blood and reduces swelling
  • reduces restlessness and irritability

Yi Lan Yi Lan Cananga odorata (Ylang-ylang)

  • improves mood by relieving depression and anxiety
  • enhances libido
  • promotes overall well being

Tian Shu Kui Pelargonium x asperum (Geranium rose)

  • reduces fatigue and depression
  • promotes estrogen production
  • releases fear and agitation

Ge Hua Citrus Aurantium (Neroli)

  • alleviates anxiety
  • promotes a smooth flow of Qi to uplift the spirit

Libido Femme is especially for you if

  • you feel sexually blocked
  • you experience painful PMS and menstruation
  • you are postmenopausal
  • you’re experiencing mild depression or anxiety
  • you feel blocked from your full potential

How to Apply

Place two drops on the tips of the fingers and gently rub behind the ears making your way down to the throat and chest.

For skin sensitivity, test on a small patch of skin first. This herbal blend can also be combined with a neutral oil of choice for broader body application.

One 0.5 oz bottle of Libido Femme can last up to six months when applied daily.

What Onda is doing as a company is helping to bring this ancient work back to the mainstream. We believe in all ancient plant medicine and do our part to seek out professionals who are able to formulate effective remedies for everyday ailments, as well as educating our audiences on Chinese medicine.

This is why partnering with Dr. Janine Mahon to help us formulate Libido Femme as a big ‘hell yes!’ for the Onda team. Be sure to check out our interview with Dr. Mahon to delve into what inspires her, how she came up with this incredible formulation, and why she decided to join forces with Onda Wellness.

As a big thank you for reading this educational piece, enjoy 15% off of your next bottle of Libido Femme using code ‘LIBIDOFEMME’ at checkout.

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