By Erin Willis

You’re interested in CBD and now using it daily. You have it with your morning coffee and as a nightcap right before bed. You’ve been loving it so much you’re now considering talking to Mom about trying it, too. But here’s the thing: you’re unsure of how to bring it up to her without feeling awkward, or even worse, sounding like you’re pushing pot on her. We get it.

Let’s be real, CBD- as uncomfortable as the topic can be- may likely be the answer to your relieving your mother’s discomforts. Here are a few common ailments this plant has been reported to be useful in:

  1. Relief in menstrual pain and inflammation

  2. Balancing out symptoms of comorbidities such as migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety

  3. Menopausal symptoms

  4. Aids in sleep

  5. Aids in the aging process (cognitive decline, arthritis, osteoporosis, dry skin)

Before diving into how to effectively approach Mom about cannabis, we first want to congratulate you for being here. Go YOU! Becoming aware of how CBD and hemp can enhance the lives of you and your loved ones’ is a big step towards social and medical acceptance of the epically misunderstood Cannabis sativa (the fancy term for pot). It’s an awareness many of us don’t yet have.

Okay, back to Mom. You think CBD might be a good fit for her, but how do you even bring this up? Here are seven actionable steps in approaching mom about your hemp suggestions.

1. Set Your Intention

Become Cannabis Aware
Get clear on why you’re approaching her.  We recommend first coming from an informed place. Why are you inclined to talk to her about cannabis? What do you hope to get from this conversation? What do you hope she gets from this conversation? What is it you wish she changes in her daily routines?

Take action: Read up on cannabis as a medicine and write down 3-5 reasons it may specifically help your Mom. Make sure these are statements backed up by science. It is essential to write these down and hand her a hard copy; this is how she will soak in and retain your intentions.

2. Help Her Destigmatize

To approach anyone with something controversial, you must first understand where they are coming from. “Upbringing, political and religious beliefs, social circles, all affect how people view cannabis. And while we are entering a time of more acceptance and exploration, considering the variety of influences around the use of cannabis can help you come from a place of empathy.

Take action: Identify 3-5 beliefs your mother may have about cannabis and/or hemp. Then write down 3-5 ways to provide more context or a different point-of-view.


Belief: CBD will get me high.

Fact: Cannabidiol (CBD) does not bind to the same receptors as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannot give you the intoxicating effects high THC products can.

3. Use Discretion & A Comfortable Setting

The stigma surrounding cannabis is incredibly dense and the second judgment creeps in, even the most well-intended people can turn away. Try approaching her in a comfortable setting and in a place where you can have an open, natural conversation.

Take action: Set the date! Scheduling this in may sound over-the-top, but selecting a time to talk with her, and sticking to it, will make this conversation matter more to you.

4. Discuss Legality

Talk About CBD and Cannabis


You can check if cannabis is legal in your state, for either recreational or medical use, before approaching your mom about this. If you live in a state that does recognize medical cannabis, but the stigma is still large, you can reassure your Mom that this plant is state legal and that there are safe, lab-tested cannabis products out there.

5. Talk About Health Benefits

Ease into the conversation and introduce her to the Endocannabinoid System. Here are some ideas.

“Hey Mom, I know you’ve been struggling/dealing with ______ and I believe to have found some relief for you.”

“Have you ever heard about the endocannabinoid system?”

“Did you know cannabis can help allievate_____ and help you sleep better at night?”

“There are kinds of cannabis products that don’t get you high.”

**Remember that Moms want to feel better, but sometimes we need permission to pursue that for ourselves. Let you, her child, be that permission giver.

6. Explain Not All Cannabis is Created Equal.

And that not all cannabis will get you high. In today’s market, you can find a plethora of CBD-dominant products that are considered hemp-derived. Hemp is the legal term for cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. Explain to her that we live in a time of great promise for medicinal cannabis, especially with CBD, as these medicinal properties are being more and more studied and there are more reputable products coming out that are lab tested and clean.

More reputable resources on CBD:

7. Consumption & A Product Recommendation.

You know your Mom, and you know if smoking a vape pen is out of the question, or if a topical application will be best for her skin disorder. For example, my Mom is terrified of getting high. She thinks that it would make her lose her sense of control. Knowing this about her, I understand THC-dominate products or smoking devices are not suited for what she’s comfortable with. I also know she loves her teas and has troubles staying asleep at night. So, I recommended my Mom tries the ONDA Wellness CBD tincture, and of course, she absolutely loves it! She puts a dropper full in her tea and has mentioned her experience with more restful sleep. The organic coconut MCT oil makes for a healthful and versatile option for delivering whole plant CBD. It’s an incredibly easy and natural way for her to get started. Navigate product options with your mama, especially if you know she will be better off with CBD in her life.

Take action: Research 3-5 products you think your Mom would enjoy, taking in consideration her position on cannabis and preferred method of ingestion.

Mom and CBD a healthy discussion

So there you have it, just how to talk to Mom about cannabis and hemp! You did your research, you set your intentions, and you think this plant will help her. We challenge you to take action and approach your mother with an open heart and a head filled with hemp knowledge.

And hey, if it becomes a harder conversation than expected, and Mom puts her wall up and ends the conversation — at least you have planted a seed of curiosity. She may come back around when she’s ready 🙂