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CBD Health Benefits

Specific cannabinoids in the hemp plant bind to different receptors in our Endocannabinoid System, an expansive and essential receptor system necessary for maintaining homeostasis. The cannabinoids work by imitating compounds our brains naturally produce called endocannabinoids. Because of this diversity, individual strains can be used to activate and maintain our internal health, touching everything from our pain/sleep, mood/behavior, and gastrointestinal systems to our neurological receptors.

Jonnah Perkins: The Body As A Regenerative Ecosystem

The story of a holistic approach to whole plant medicines and lifestyle from the perspective of a farmer and athlete. Guest post by Jonnah Mellenthin Perkins When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find...

Hemp Immunity Infusion

Hemp Immunity Infusion ONDA Wellness
What's Inside This Immune-Boosting CBD Tincture We are wishing you well-being in this trying time.We’ve created the new Hemp Immunity Infusion to keep you calm and strong, and it’s available now shipping nation-wide. Hemp Immunity...

Onda Effects: Sara Krish of Cancer Warrior Foundation

ONDA Effects Interview Sara Krish
When we enter a portion of our lives when situations feel heavy or bleak, having a conduit, guide, or light source to help navigate alongside you is paramount in the recovery and healing of one's life traumas. Sara Krish, a cancer survivor,...

How to Talk to Mom About CBD

Tlak To Mom About CBD Benefits
By Erin Willis You're interested in CBD and now using it daily. You have it with your morning coffee and as a nightcap right before bed. You’ve been loving it so much you’re now considering talking to Mom...

Farm + Flower: A Whole Food CBD-Dinner; Interview with Onda Founder Stephen Smith

It’s a whole cultural shift in our thought process. You’re paying for your health. You’re investing in your health when you eat good food, when you support good farmers and ranchers, and you’re doing the same when you use high-quality cannabis medicine.

CBD Superfood

CBD Superfood CBD Bulletproof Coffee ONDA Wellness
The Superfoods of ONDA (+ bulletproof-styled coffee recipe) By Erin Willis We all know that CBD is filled with health benefits, but what about the other ingredients found in...

CBD Isolates V. Whole Plant

Whole-Plant Extraction and Full-Spectrum CBD ONDA Wellness
Full-Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate: Decide What’s Best for You Written by Erin Willis In 2019, cannabidiol (CBD)-infused products are populating like bunny rabbits with no end in sight, as cannabis legalization continues to progress around the world. Due to its widespread implications for balancing the...

What is CBD? ONDA Enlightens

What is CBD? For the chemistry wizards and deeply curious, For all our dazed, confused, and forever overwhelmed, We heard and we are here with some answers. Complete with charts, symbols and maps, (ok, maybe there are no maps or symbols, but we definitely use words you'll understand)....

ONDA CBD Reviews

CBD Testimonials ONDA Wellness testimonials give readers first hand accounts of the virtues of CBD Oils. We thought we would share some testimonials demonstrating CBD treatment for various health ailments. "When I first heard these CBD capsules I was hesitant. When I woke up after a...