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At ONDA, our CBD is organically grown and produced in the USA. We are big believers that the naturally occurring constituents of the hemp plant exist together for a reason. Think of the difference between eating an orange versus an Emergen-C packet. In maintaining the whole plant integrity we produce the most bio-available product possible. Essentially, we infuse certified organic coconut oil with our whole plant CBD. The result is a nutrient rich, CBD dense, oil. From here is portioned off into 10, 25, and 50 mg vegan CBD Capsules. (Read more about our patented lipid extraction process).


We have prepared a dietary supplement made by extracting CBD through coconut oil. This patented process is designed around whole plant medicine, as opposed to the chemical extraction of an isolate, to maintain the greatest array of beneficial elements. Best taken with food, and not for children.

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Whether you are new to CBD or a CBD devotee, we’d like to expand on our Onda Dosage guide.

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In the spirit of what the holidays are really all about, we have gathered our top favorite ways to make this season joyful, nourishing, and healing.

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ONDA CBD OIL summertime use
With the warmer months welcoming us into Summertime, we need to be mindful of how this changing temperature affects our plant medicines. There’s nothing more disappointing than a rancid tincture. You not only lose the benefits from the fresh constituents of the...

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Onda Cbd Capsules and Tinctures British Columbia Hiking
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CBD Testimonials ONDA Wellness testimonials give readers first hand accounts of the virtues of CBD Oils. We thought we would share some testimonials demonstrating CBD treatment for various health ailments. "When I first heard these CBD capsules I was hesitant. When I woke up after a...